Gerard “Jerry” Maker * Wilmington, North carolina : Fraud

On 8/10/2015 our group, RSA Funding, LLC wired $75,000 into the account of Bernstein & Feldman PA Attorney Escrow Account within a joint venture program that was supposedly arranged and sponsored by a Mr Gerard “Jerry” P Brewer of Wilmington, N.C. for job financing.
On the time we entered negotiations with Mr Brewer, he claimed his company, BFI, LLC was the originator of your joint venture program. We were educated by Mr Brewer and his consultant, Mr Mark Robbins of San Fransisco that the funding process would acquire 60-75 times in the date of receipt into his attorney’s escrow account.
Three to 4 months passed and Mr Brewer’s joint venture program failed to fulfill its loan obligation to RSA. We maintained consistent but amicable talks by means of the beginning of December in an attempt to work via the “funding process” with Mr Brewer.
Following, getting nowhere with our request to shut our transaction, we requested a full refund of our deposit as called by Mr Brewer’s “BFI Contract”. At initial Mr Brewer was really sensitive to our should rectify a condition that had turned terrible. RSA was promised on several occasions that its deposit would be returned promptly.
Promptly arrived and went so RSA requested the law firm of Bernstein & Feldman PA return its deposit held in escrow furthermore a $25,000 penalty for non-performance as stated from the BFI, LLC contract. Right after several calls to the Bernstein Legislation Firm, Mr Alan Bernstein last but not least returned our connect with and in an incredibly arrogant fashion told us that he was now not holding the funds in escrow and that he was not responsible for your now lost funds. This level we dispute to this day.
Subsequent Mr Bernstein’s statements, RSA engaged it is really regulation agency to just take legal action to recover its “lost” deposit. In the course of it truly is thanks diligence, RSA’s regulation company discovered that Mr Brewer’s company, “BFI, LLC” was not a legitimate entity, as well as in a call with Mr Maxwell of RSA, Mr Brewer confirmed that, in actuality, BFI, LLC was not a legal entity and was by no means a registered business.
RSA then re-contacted Mr Alan Bernstein and Mr Bernstein claimed which the RSA deposit was immediately sent to your personal account of Mr Gerard “Jerry” Brewer. RSA and its attorneys are from the robust opinion that this breach constitutes don’t just fraud within the inducement of funds but also civil theft. It ought to be clearly stated that at no time did RSA contemplate or give any kind of permission that would have allowed its funds to get turned over to Mr Brewer. RSA was normally in the comprehending that its funds would remain in escrow until finally either the transaction was closed or its deposit was refunded. Neither occurred.
RSA continued earlier early December to contact Mr Brewer; nevertheless, Mr Brewer educated RSA that his attorney would not let any communication. This was of excellent disappointment to RSA as it had previously an incredibly very good functioning marriage with Mr Brewer.
Sadly, RSA was pressured to file a civil complaint for theft in seeking the return of its funds from Mr Brewer and many others involved from the fraudulent transaction.
RSA continues to phone upon Mr Brewer and Bernstein and Feldman PA to honor the contract commitment and return its deposit furthermore applicable damages.

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