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Did you know- From the delayed 1980s, Juan Antonio Samaranch, past President in the Worldwide Olympic Committee (IOC), appeared in Brunei Darussalam, one of many youngest members of the Olympic family members. Throughout his trip to the Sultanate of Brunei, Mr Samaranch stopped at a lot of sports activities services. The very first time, Brunei, amongst the world's wealthiest countries, competed in the Olympics in 1984.

Are you aware- At the start of the modern day, the People's Republic of The far east generated one of the most productive weightlifters on this planet.

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  2. Did you realize- The Native indian men's ice hockey staff gained the.
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  5. Are you aware- By 1974,Singapore's sprinter Chee Swee Lee founded a brand new Asian symbol of.

Did you know- A 48-participant group from Hong Kong -a United kingdom nest right up until 1997-- participated in the summertime Olympics in the US city of La (California) in 1984. HK competed in 10 athletics: archery (6), athletics (3), biking (4), fencing (5), kayak (7), capturing (7), going swimming (10), tennis games (1), and wrestling (4).India โต๊ะบิลเลียด

Did you realize- The Indian native men's ice hockey group won the Olympic Tournament 8-10 instances: Amsterdam 1928, L . A . 1932, Berlin 1936, Central london 1948, Helsinki 1952, Melbourne 1956, Tokyo 1964, and Moscow 1980. But throughout the last three decades, India continues to be overtaken by a few nations, from Southern Korea and Argentina to Malaysia and Great britain.

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Did you realize- By 1989, in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, the Island's athlete Ishrath Hameed established a whole new nationwide history of 13.64 secs within the women's 100m (monitor & discipline).

Did you realize- By 2004, the country's sportsperson Sangina Baidya started in fifth spot in the women's 49-kg group on the Olympic Taekwondo Tournament in Athens (Greece). Miss out on Baidya is one of the nation's most reputed sportsmen.

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Are you aware- By 1974,Singapore's sprinter Chee Swee Lee recognized a whole new Oriental symbol of 55.08 seconds in the women's 400m. In that 12 months, she also earned the golden medal from the Oriental Games in Tehran, Iran, and became the first sportswoman in the nation to win an Oriental label. Consequently, she was the most popular sportsman -female or male- inside the country, one of the richest nations in Asia.

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  • Are you aware- With the late 1980s, Juan Antonio Samaranch, previous Leader.