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Tonight the Carlsbad University Table will determine who grows to load the vacancy left by Kelli Moors’ departure. Republican Sage Naumann has applied for the positioning. Listed here is a the latest talk to with Naumann.

Guests Column Lately Sage Naumann, a Republican choice for Carlsbad Unified College Board, created this news for directed out that a current an affiliate the Table (Kelli Moors) voted to improve a 6 physique commitment into a lawyer she had taken employment with just days after the vote. The tale obtained sufficient coverage as a result of Sage that the Table chose to re-vote on the contract. It had been not surprising for me that Sage was the only person to hook this or just how much undertaking the right factor mattered to Sage. Sage Naumann

  1. Today the Carlsbad University Board will make a decision who gets to fill up.
  2. I attended Magnolia Elementary, Aviara Oaks Basic, Valley Midst, and then Carlsbad High,.
  3. I believe with this region. In my.
  4. Sage: My first Carlsbad college expertise was with Main Boone along with his excellent personnel of teachers.

I achieved Sage approximately a year ago and possess been astounded by his enthusiasm to improve his community colleges along with his character being a candidate. He or she is the level of straight-forwards, dilemma-solving new breed of Republican candidate that is a lot more involved undertaking what is proper rather than his personal aspirations.

New breed

Sept 16th the Carlsbad College Board will designate an alternative for Ms. Moors. To back up Sage and for more information on the scheduled appointment: Sage Naumann North County

North County Sage Naumann

Is Sage in his own phrases.

Is Sage in his own phrases

Q: Would you participate in institution in Carlsbad? What was your expertise like?

Sage: My first Carlsbad university experience was with Primary Boone and his awesome wonderful staff of instructors at Magnolia Basic. Naumann North County

I attended Magnolia Primary, Aviara Oaks Primary, Valley Center, after which Carlsbad Higher, paying all but four years of my training in Carlsbad. I had an excellent general experience, walked out with friends I’ll maintain for life, skills that may light-weight my path, plus a satisfaction in my area and my area. That is a huge reason I want to ensure that CUSD has well-balanced finances and a sustainable upcoming, in order that we can easily give every little one a quality schooling, and make sure that they move on pleased and ready to complete their existence targets.

But four

Q: What particularly regarding your private political thinking making you a Republican?

Particularly regarding

Sage: I think in smaller sized, successful govt. In my opinion that the totally free industry should be thought about the fantastic equalizer, not the federal government. I really believe which our financial obligations needs to be held at the acceptable levels and repaid in expected time. I believe in the unalienable rights our forefathers transcribed into our founding paperwork. Sage Naumann

I think in this particular region. I think within our constitution. I believe from the totally free market place. It’s so easy.

Our constitution I believe from

  1. I attended Magnolia Elementary, Aviara Oaks Elementary, Valley Midst, and then Carlsbad Substantial, shelling out all.
  2. Naumann North County.
  3. This is Sage in his own.
  4. Sage Naumann Carlsbad.