The particular Parrot as well as Freedom

There was a certain merchant who contains a parrot inside of a cage. He was heading to travel to India for business, he said to his servants, bondwomen, and parrot,” what matters does one want I bring to you from India?” Everybody ordered a little something, but the parrot said,” after you see the parrots in India, say them, that parrot is keen being you, is in my prison now, what message would you have for him?”
When the merchant was expressing the parrot’s message to the flock of parrots in India, instantly one among the parrots fell out and dead.
The merchant arrived again into the home, and servants and bondwomen acquired their gifts. The parrot said, “Where by is my souvenir?”
When the merchant said to his parrot that event, abruptly the parrot fell out and dead in his cage!
The merchant soon after moaning took his corpse out of the cage and threw it away; but, to his surprise, the corpse quickly recovered daily life, and flew absent.
Surprised,merchant asked , “ What was the Indian parrot’s message? The parrot said, “The parrot’s advice was; the technique to freedom of that prison is to die.
Translated by Fariborz Arbasi
This story like other stories of Masnavi has multi layer.
In this story the merchant is symbol from the unconsciousness. Servants and bondwomen are symbol of conditioned men and women that are captured by beliefs are stored in unconsciousness. But, the parrot is symbol of person who has awareness of his captivity. India is symbol on the noting world. Rumi believes 3 worlds: the material world, the dream world, and the noting world. Inspirations and intuitions occur within the noting world.
The beliefs are saved in unconsciousness create our identifies. Just about every discover is usually a prison that limits us. The strategy to freedom of this prison goes beyond discover.

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